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For non-Asian travelers a trip to Japan can be quite an endeavor due to sky-high prices of plane tickets, language barrier that may cause you trouble when trying to do your daily activities, mysterious and indirect rules of Japanese savoir-vivre or even a hard time to get a secure and fast internet connection (but let us take care of that).

Japan is a country with a one-of-a-kind culture, amazing cuisine, people with a heart of hospitality, which overall makes for a unique travelling or living experience but can seem overwhelming at first. We at Lucky Wi-Fi want to get you more prepared for what you will encounter here or maybe even inspire you to make this life-changing decision, pack your bags and come to eat okonomiyaki in Hiroshima.

That is why your most trusted internet rental company wishes to create this blog. We want you to enjoy your stay here to the fullest, so good memories of this place will stay with you forever or so you will be motivated for visiting this place again in the future.

Let us introduce you to Japanese culture, society, food, transportation, language on this weekly-update blog.

Wojciech Zukowski

Writer and arubaito for Japan's trusted wi-fi rental company, Lucky Wi-Fi. Sanguine personality nerd, addicted to learning japanese and going to karaoke.

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